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Let me say this first…

Hey I’m James Roper, the owner of Scaling Mindset Inc.

People call me the “Hard Truth Guy.”

But before you understand why, it’s important you let me say this first…

I want to congratulate you on your business!!

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy and the reason our society continues to progress and prosper.

Ok, with that out of the way…

I’ve got some hard truths for you.

What got you here, won’t get you there

But, you knew that already.

So, why is it so hard to accept?

Why? – Because it’s tough to admit our own limitations.

Up until this point, it’s been tough, but you’ve always found a way to make it work.

You made it work through…

All of the 73 hour workweeks…

All of the missed opportunities with friends…

All of the sleepless nights worrying if your business was going to stay afloat…

All for what?

…So your business could get to this point and just stall out?

Unfortunately this is what happens to most entrepreneurs.

They panic when reach that first ceiling in their business and realize there’s a lot of change coming your way.

It’s often more exciting (easier) to just start something new, so that’s what they do.

This way, they can just replicate what they’ve already done without the worry about growing past that ceiling.

Then they convince (lie) to themselves and say they chose to start something new because…

“It was time for a change.”


“I’m just playing into my strengths and doing another startup.”


“I’ve had fun in this business, but I’m interesting in this other thing now.” 

The hard truth is – they’re scared.

What do you do when your hustle hits the wall?

For a lot of entrepreneurs, they just start the grind all over again, because it’s all they know.

Here’s what the start up phase is like for most people.

When you start a new business it’s like flying down the water on a shiny, new, top-of-the-line speedboat.

Everyone around you is singing your praises and they just can’t take their eyes off your fancy new boat!

The wind in your hair, the mist of the waves, the blur of the lesser boats as you pass them by…

It’s been a fun ride, hasn’t it?

I mean, even when the water gets choppy and times get tough – you’re still on a freaking speedboat having the time of your life!

This is what it really feels like to start your own business.

It’s a RUSH!

You’re the envy of your family and friends and It. Feels. Good.

But after awhile, the rush diminishes, the praise dies down, and you look around and those people you flew by earlier are now in speedboats of their own.

It’s now tougher to get noticed and the excitement fades.

So, now what?

It’s time to grow your business, right?

Let’s get some of that excitement back!

But what do you do when you can’t fit anyone else on the speedboat with you?

It may go fast, but it really isn’t built to carry a lot of cargo.

You can’t scale on a speedboat

Trying to scale on a speedboat is like trying to fit all your customers and employees into a clown car.

You might get more of them in there than you thought you could, but there is still a limit.


The one’s stuffed in the back of the car, on the bottom of the pile, are NOT going to be happy when they get out!

A speedboat is built for speed and enjoying the speed.

A speedboat is not built to:

– carry lots of people (customers & staff)

– weather the storms (changes & complaints)

– provide a place to offer new your products or services

– make long journeys while keeping everyone happy

If you want to scale your company, you’re going to need something much larger than a speedboat.

You need a cruise ship!

Scaling a business is like building a cruise ship

For your business to grow, you’ve got to build something different than what you’ve already got.

It must move fast, and be able to carry a whole hell of a lot more people than a speedboat!

It needs to provide shelter for large storms, rough seas, and unseen icebergs. (We’ve come a long way since the Titanic!)

Your cruise ship needs to not just be fast and fun, but it needs to expand it’s offerings, services, and upsells to maximize the customer experience and your profits.

It needs to be built for the long haul, so you can have plenty of time to capitalize on the long term value (LTV) of your customer.

You have to remember…

When you decide to 10X your revenue, you’re scaling everything involved in your business:

Your customers and their complaints.

Your systems and their bugs.

Your marketing and your budget.

Your people and their problems.

The list goes on and on and on…

But there’s one important thing left of this list.

One crucial but scare resource that doesn’t scale the same way as everything else…

You can’t scale your time

And it’s this well known fact that makes most people to afraid to even try.

If you’re already working 67 hours a week on your business, how will you ever find time to scale?

Most of them get by with a little help from their friends.

No, I don’t mean getting your friends to do your dirty work for you (although this can help).

They find someone who has seen the failures of trying to scale a business on a speedboat.

They seek out other entrepreneurs who have actually done it and lived to tell the tale.

They decide once and for all to get unstuck, because they want to help more people and make more money as well!

Smart entrepreneurs choose Scaling Mindset

Deciding to scale your business is the right first step, but it’s the next one that can be tricky.

At Scaling Mindset, we make sure the next step you take is the right one for you and your business.

To achieve the results you desire, we focus on 3 key factors when scaling your business:

Strategy  –  Implementation  –  Optimization

First, we work with you to create a holistic strategy that encompasses all aspects of your business.

This strategy allows us locate and focus on the catalysts in your business, so we can get sustainable results fast!

Secondly, we hone in on your implementation.

At this point we want your business to get stuff done and done right, so your business can scale without worry.

Lastly, we work on optimizing your business across the board.

We’re talking all your business processes…

From training new employees and onboarding them quickly…

To optimizing your marketing funnels to deliver the greatest results at the lowest cost…

To building business operations that take stress of your team, so they can focus on working on the business instead of just working in it.

When you work with Scaling Mindset, your business will grow from a slow caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly 🙂

Maximize your impact, revenue, and profits

Imagine working on fulfilling tasks for a change.

And, making more money with less headaches.

All while feeling good about the difference your business is making in people’s lives!

Sounds pretty sweet, huh?

You know the best part about all of this?

Getting started is incredibly easy and free!

You just need to take that first step in the right direction.

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The next step is simple too.

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Pretty simple, right?

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Talk to you soon!

James Roper

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